A hunt. A cryptid. A bara husband. 

Content Warnings in credit screen. 

A short game prototype for a longer project. Contains binaural elements, playing with headphones recommended. 

*Note for D/deaf/hard of hearing players: this game contains audio clues, but sound effects are transcribed, and sound cue branches aren't final (you aren't penalised for picking the incorrect branch and can go back on your choice). 

Script, Art, Programming by @zeus_japonicus

Audio by @JDWasabi

Created as part of the Bara Jam 2019

Built using Tyranobuilder.

Rated 3.2 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
Tagsbame, Bara, LGBTQIA, Short


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I also enjoyed the way the characters relationship felt very real. How it's the same old argument, both tired of it but unable to it let go.
Played this several times to see what I could get. My favorite was the 'last resort" branch; it seems like the one with the most potential for character growth. Or it could just be teratophilia

Hi Zeus! Just played Bayou Bara Game (3x!) and I could tell I got pretty hooked (no pun intended). You really have a knack for making me want to chase after a golden good ending...if there even is one in this game. How many endings are there? I think if you had a "Ending #3 of 8" or something at the end of a path, it would really help.

 I liked the atmosphere of the game, the decidedly somber mood, sound design, especially the character designs! Curious, what ethnicity/nationality is Benji? :)

Anyways, the thing I liked best was that instead of it being a game/VN where you chase after a love, in this one you start with one. It's about the love, the work, the commitment and trust that go into staying together...despite a terrible tragedy and/or terror. Well done, thank you! 

Nice short story: very apt but it still manages to carry the message. 

If you don't mind, what was the word count for this game?